Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payment plugin for PrestaShop

Prestashop versions : 1.6 1.7

Very simple to use
An awesome PrestaShop Bitcoin plugin, Works perfect!


The Future Now

Accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin directly to your wallet.
No need a tier or subscription / documents.
Be the real owner of your coins!

You save the fees and commissions charged by third parties.

Secure your wealth

For HD walltes, the module will generate automatically - for each order - a receiving Address without the need of the private key.

If your server or store is corrupted due to a PrestaShop security breach, your cryptos will stay safe in your wallet, there will be no loss of coins.


Compatible with famous wallets

Bitcoin x Crypto is compatible with many wallets like Legder Wallet, Coinbase,, Electrum, Electron Cash, Atomic Wallet, Trezor and Armory.

The module is compatible with Segwit wallets! It will automatically handle the generation of Segwit addresses.


Exchange Rates

The exchange rates is updated automatically.

You can apply an extra fee or reduction to exchange rate for payments in cryptocurrency.

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Blockchain API Pro Plus included !